Website Redesigns

If you already have a website, you may be thinking about updating the design and functionality. Most modern websites look and feel quite different from sites that were built several years ago. With changing styles and trends, a website often needs freshening after about three to five years.

Redesign or revise?

Depending on how many years ago your website was built, and on what new functionality you’d like in a new site, it’s normally prudent to redesign the site with a new foundation and updated coding practices.

The process for a redesign is similar to designing a new website, with the advantages of knowing how well your current site works. You may have discovered some things that work well, and others that you’d like to change.

A redesign also has the advantage of already having content, colors and images. When you view your current site, you can decide what you’d like to keep, and what you’d like to revise or delete.

Presentation considerations

Do you like the fonts, colors, images and general presentation of your content? Is it easy to read, legible and attractive? Modern websites have larger text, fewer words and to-the-point messages.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems such as WordPress make it easy for site owners or site administrators to update or add content themselves. WordPress can be used for nearly any type of website, and has many advantages over traditional static websites.


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