Website Maintenance

Keeping your website in good working order and with up-to-date content is vital to your success as a site owner. If your website has out-of-date content, images that don’t display properly, or links that are broken, a viewer may wonder if the rest of your business has problems.

Website maintenance includes checking for the health of the site as well as making sure the content is current and relevant.

Another aspect of website maintenance includes adding new verbiage and images, removing content that is no longer needed, and checking existing content to be sure your message is clear, informative and understandable.

If there is any time-sensitive information, such as special sales or incentives, this content should be removed when the dates pass. Events that occur on specific dates can be moved to another section of the website when the event is finished, so that site visitors can view past events.

In general, pay attention to your website and keep it current.


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