Print Marketing Still Matters

I do print work for small businesses and real estate agents. Be it postcards, newsletters, flyers and booklets, I create attractive and readable publications. Printed media is a great supplement to online communication.

Adding print work to your marketing plan

In today’s world of the Internet and email, print marketing is still important. Using printed material is an effective way to stand out from your competitors and attract audiences.

Many companies rely mostly on their website and emails to connect with their customers, but print media can be an excellent addition to a marketing plan. 

Touch, feel and read

Printed material reaches multiple generations, young and old. Younger people, while enjoying their digital devices, also appreciate reading something tangible that is not interrupted by texts and emails.

Print provides valuable marketing opportunities that digital content cannot offer – something to save in physical format, re-read, give to a friend and refer to in the future.

Ideas for using printed materials

  • postcards, newsletters, flyers, brochures
  • coupons or timely offers for discounts
  • contact lists for groups, clubs, sports teams, schools, etc.
  • calendar of events