About Mavis

My Background

My background as a real estate broker prepared me in many ways for web design and print work.

Marketing materials, accuracy in all paperwork, clear communication, client support, reliability and continuing education are some of the tools that I continue to use today.

Web Design

I enrolled in the Web Design program at Seattle Central College in 2009 to give me a good foundation for designing and building websites. Classes included learning common languages used in websites, best practices for code validation, and content management.

I completed most of the courses in the Web Design program, and have continued learning with hands-on experience, online classes and keeping up to date with changes and trends.

Print Work

Over the years, I’ve designed and published a variety of print marketing materials such as newsletters, postcards, flyers, and booklets. I use simple designs with easy-to-read content, strategic wording and images, to help business owners reach their customers and clients.

Depending on the type of your business, printed materials can be an effective way to remind people about your services, explain in detail what you do, and offer promotions.